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    Coming up in November and December 2014

    Attend a public debate with Mike Aguirre, KNSJ and the San Diego Debate Society at the San Diego Repertory Theatre

    On November 19th 2014, the San Diego Debate Society in partnership with KNSJ 89.1 FM will conduct a debate at the San Diego Repertory Theatre.  Two panels of experts will square off on the topic of whether the police are just doing their job or using excessive force.  One of the panels will consist of former law enforcement officers and the other panel will consist of concerned community activists.  The debate will last one hour between 5:45 to 6:45 P.M. and will be conducted in the downstairs lobby of the San Diego Repertory Theatre.  It will be moderated by former City Attorney Mike Aguirre.  You can park in the Horton Plaza complex and use the automated validation machines located in the mall.  The address of the Repertory Theatre is 79 Horton Plaza.  It’s located at the extreme north end of the plaza about one block south of Broadway.  The debate will conclude 15 minutes before the evening performance of “Honky”, an irreverent comedy play about race relations.  Admission to the debate is free.  The debate will be broadcast over KNSJ 89.1 FM and streamed at www.knsj.org.  If you’d like to attend the comedy play after the debate, get in touch with the Repertory Theatre for ticket information.  You can visit their website at www.sdrep.org, or call the box office at (619) 544-1000.

    Police Debate 11-19-14

     Nov. 17th~ Mon 7 pm  Many Faces of Violence Against Women! ASD General Meeting presents a panel discussion in partnership with The UN Association-SD.   Hear this dynamic panel discuss the many forms with violence take in our society. Q&A    More Info on panelists:

    Nov. 19th~ Wedns   Is it Police Enforcement or Police Brutality ?  Free Debate!  KNSJ’s Mike Aguirre moderates.  Presented by KNSJ radio organizers in conjunction with and at SD Rep. Theatre;  KNSJ will  records live debate.  Arrive early at Horton Plaza for start of the debate at 5:45 pm Sharp!  Two panels of experts will square off on the topic.  Note: Guests encouraged to stay for the show “Honky” @ 7 pm an irreverent comedy play about race relations. (Not Free) Read more…

    Nov. 20th~ Thurs KNSJ 89.1 FM Radio meeting on 1st & 3rd Thurs – see KNSJ.org  Everyone welcome, Join us, get involved  619-283-1100  

    Dec. 2nd~ Tues  3850 Westgate Pl, SD First Church of the Brethern, Activist San Diego and KNSJ with the SD Debate Society host a DEBATE between OCCUPY and the TEA PARTY moderated by KNSJ’s Mike Aguirre (former City Attorney).   Suggested debate donation: $4-10 (no one turned away for lack of funds). Optional  vegetarian dinner $6.50      More at:  http://www.activistsandiego.org/node/4663

    Occupy-TeaParty Debate 12-2-14


    Dec. 6th – Sat.  Come join us 10 am- 2 pm @ Mid-City Gym   4302 Landis St. SD   The“Peace on Earth Holiday Bazaar” for crafts and alternative holiday shopping; a great turnout year after year. We’ve grown to over 25 wonderful local not-for-profit community orgs that are working for a peaceful, just, & environmentally healthy world. Buy your potted succulents and crafts from ASD and KNSJ to support your favorite causes. Help us at the table 619-283-1100  Read more… http://www.activistsandiego.org/node/4658


KNSJ Mourns Talk of the Town Host Douglas Holbrook

Douglas HolbrookDouglas Holbrook, former Activist San Diego president and daily KNSJ show host, passed away as a result of cardiac arrest. The sudden loss to his family, friends and to our organization and radio station, which he loved and dedicated so much time to in the last year is hard to comprehend in this sudden turn of events ... Reminding us how precious our relationships are and the passions and principles which bind us. On behalf of the Activist Sand Diego board we send our condolences to family, friends and coworkers.

It is not too late! You helped bring KNSJ to life, now help it survive and THRIVE!

Free RadioA year ago today there was doubt in some quarters that Activist San Diego (ASD) would make good on its promise to build a community radio station for YOU! The 6-year effort, a 500 step project, with $40,000 magnanimously raised from the grassroots progressive community, culminated on July 4th with the birth of Independent, people-powered radio KNSJ 89.1 FM. It was born, the offspring of hope and determination, the marriage of passion for justice and the clarion of communication. As a proud parent you gave it a name, NSJ, the Network for Social Justice. You want to see it grow out of diapers and assume a prominent position transforming the political landscape of our region. You now want to feed our new voice of independence to help it survive and thrive. Your stipend, your contribution of even $2-$10 a month will make a HUGE difference in media justice in San Diego, a small price to pay for the single greatest megaphone to be nurtured by the progressive community. Perhaps you want to gift your car or vehicle as if it were graduation day like Jay, Craig and Larry did. Call 619-871-9354 and we will take care of all the details. HELP! We need $10,000 to buy the tools of Community Radio, portable microphones and high quality recorders for the budding journalists. Perhaps we can inscribe your name on a recorder or apply your name to the studio that we are building in central San Diego. Who owns KNSJ 89.1 FM? You do! Your membership and donations to KNSJ and ASD (the FM license holder) keep the treasure of community radio in public hands. WHO SUPPORTS KNSJ? We do not take money from large corporations, no Monsanto or Walmarts need apply — this means “Freedom to Program” critical and controversial content, but it also means your responsibility to support critical projects. Our annual reports are made to you! HELP KNSJ DEVELOP A VISION of Non-commercial, Listener-Supported, non-partisan, Community Radio — by the people, of the people and for the people. We want and need your input as well as your donations. Send us your programming ideas, your grand vision of a radio station that serves as a collective organizer, a tribune of the people, a voice for the disenfranchised. 24 hr / 7 days a week KNSJ was born to be the Paul Revere of East County and the San Diego border region. “NSA is coming! — on the backs of Big Pharma, Big Banks, Media Monopolies, Energy Megalomaniacs, War Profiteers and Corporate Conglomerates.” As our voice develops you will nurture local journalism and storytelling about the successes of informed citizens who get information, get organized and inspired social change.

Not a member/donor yet? Celebrate our first year and our journey of continous improvement — DONATE NOW!

Today, please consider giving a sustaining contribution of $3 to $30 a month to grow Community Radio

We are still 100% volunteer driven, but we want to offer more, more local news, more dynamic programming, more local culture, more compelling stories, more inspiration, more social justice information. It is easy as clicking the Donate Now button on this page! Your support comes with the continuing satisfaction that you are liberating the airwaves and spreading your values far and wide. Thank YOU from all of us!
May Day 2013 - Antenna mounted!

KNSJ's call letters reflect its mission: Networking for Social Justice.

With the transmitter and tower at over 6200 feet in the Laguna Mountains, KNSJ's signal can be heard from the US-Mexico border to Highway 52, from the East County mountains to the bay and the entire central San Diego. The estimated potential listenership is over 1 million plus streaming live online for our global listeners. KNSJ has pledged to train scores of "citizen journalists" to report on the untold stories people in San Diego. While the bulk of KNSJ's programming will be news and education, KNSJ will be a conduit to local artists from all walks of life. Our objective is to have a quarter of our music shows locally produced, and most all of our programs will be provided by volunteer producers. KNSJ was “Born on the 4th of July,” initiating with a full day of live broadcasting plus audio and video streaming on KNSJ.org. The public was invited to come down to the World Beat Center at 2100 Park Boulevard in Balboa Park to celebrate a new era in our city. From 7-8 AM the broadcast emanated out of Descanso with the voices of local mountain residents. KNSJ will pick up ongoing national programming from Pacifica Radio, the BBC, Thom Hartman and Amy Goodman. For more information contact: Martin Eder 619-871-9354 / / KNSJ at 619-283-1100
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KNSJ Station News

  • KNSJ 1st Anniversary

    KNSJ thanks these generous donors for their contributions to our First Anniversary Party

    The following performers, entertainers, businesses and individuals made generous contributions to our 1st Anniversary party. KNSJ would like to thank them and encourage our listeners and followers to support them in solidarity for our common cause: Networking for Social Justice.

    Megan Fisher 619.507.1772
    Bryce Turner 619.243.4066
    The Band-Sydney Blake and the Misters
    Sydney Blake-Sydney Blake and the Misters 619.733.3119
    Dallas Bryan-Sydney Blake and the Misters
    Adam Cisco-Sydney Blake and the Misters
    Jesus Gonzalez 619.772.5495
    Sarah Forbes 408.209.9918
    Ever J 619.665.5063
    Ryan Gerard / Toma Sol 973.862.9220
    Aaron Bowen 619.866.9200
    MelloD (KARL)
    Wally Wong/ COMEDIAN (KARL)
    Isak Allen/ COMEDIAN (KARL) 317.431.6272
    David/ Musician/ COMEDIAN (KARL)
    Nick Crook 619.787.5785
    The Band “FRANCO”
    Eileen-FRANCO 619.452.4359
    Rob Lord 619.952.4157
    Masashi (MASA) Alex Nakamura 209.676.0472
    Tom Fertsch/ DINNER GUITAR 781.835.8750
    Pablo Ledesma/Dijerreedoo (instrument) 760.815.5541
    Sarah Bella Mondragon 619.884.1288
    Jim Moreno/ KNSJ Poet 619.285.9737
    Jeeni Criscenzo del Rio/ KNSJ Poet 769.525.1915
    Sound Equip/Books/
    Ramon Ciani/ sound/ Donating 200 BOOKS! 619.403.6130
    Bill Driscoll / Sound 619.384.4343
    Teri Wilder / Gong Meditation

    San Diego Conscious Music Fest
    Sacha Landreneau/ Hillcrest Community Acupuncture
    Cindy Sullivan / Love and Light Acupuncture
    Ramon Ciani/ Mr PC Man
    San Pasqual Winery/ Wine bottle & Tasting
    Ricardo de la Torre/ Massage Therapist
    Dan Bjierke / Happiness Assessment

    KNSJ 1st Anniversary party performersAdditionally, we’d like to thank these restaurants for their generous donations:

    Jimmy Carter’s Mexican Café

    Nha Hang Quoc Te, Vietnamese and Chinese Food, 4448 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92105, Phone number (619) 281-9999

  • KNSJ Music Director Robert Ur

    KNSJ Musical Director Robert Ur Helps Artists Find a Voice on the San Diego Airwaves

    By Rob Andrews

    It’s a Tuesday at 8pm, and I’m worried. I just drove 12 miles to see a small musical venue and get a minute to talk to our newest addition.

    At Cosmos in La Mesa, Rob Ur sits on a table covered with release forms. Artists with their guitars, friends, and music lovers pack the seats, coffee and applause in hand.

    “Hey man,” he says through his warm smile. “We should talk, but right now, take a look, this is great!”

    Rob Ur is a long time musical artist dedicated to those looking for a stage. He’s part of the KNSJ team, and he’s looking for more great artists that want their work to be heard.

    For details on how to get in touch with our new music director, email

    KNSJ Talent Scouting

  • Your People-Powered Antenna Has Been Mounted!

    Activist San Diego and KNSJ Radio Announce:
    Your “People Powered” ANTENNA has been mounted!!

    A crew of five people went up to Monument Peak to tackle the most difficult equipment issue that has faced KNSJ; after securing a contract to rent tower space, we mounted our high end, $15,000 custom-built antenna on the tower!

    First Lift of KNSJ Antenna

    So as of May Day 2013 KNSJ’s antenna has been installed at 6300 feet elevation pointing toward San Diego and the coast. We feel a great sense of satisfaction that we have gotten to this point and thank all of you who have donated and pledged to make this groundbreaking project a reality.

    Please keep the pledges coming as we will have $2000 a month in ongoing expenses and are looking to raise another $1200 a month in pledges for our first part time station manager and staff. Please click here to make a donation.

    We are not ready to go on the air until we take up the $5000 transmitter, the $2400 emergency response equipment, satellite down-link and submit our certifications to the FCC. All of this can easily take us to the end of May, give or take a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, after six years effort, we feel like we are only minutes away from broadcasting and streaming on KNSJ.org

    We will count on you to build our listenership, our membership, our crew of citizen journalists and our monthly pledges. This is your radio station, people powered radio, eager to give voice to the voiceless.

    Thanks to the many heroes who have stuck with this project and all who are now coming forward to breathe life into this vision of “information, communication and mobilization”.

    To all of you,
    The KNSJ members, founders and Leadership Council

    Please click here to make a donation.
    Founding Member status and Naming Rights are still available.