• George Mann Concert and Dinner, March 21, 2015

    New York Folk/Labor Singer!

    George Mann

    Saturday,  March 21st @ 6 pm
    Church of the Brethren, SD

    Awesome Dinner & Awesome Concert!

    George Mann Dinner/Concert 2015

    On the Web:

    After many rave reviews last year Activist San Diego & KNSJ Invite George Mann back in 2015.  Order ticket now and save.
    See ActivistSanDiego.org  619-283-1100
    Volunteer veggie cooks needed, get in free: Please call us.

    George Mann sings songs from the last century of labor and social activism, and his own songs are powerful and funny takes on the state of the nation. His concerts are part sing-along, part history lesson, and he can make you shout for joy, send chills down your spine or bring tears to your eyes in the same set.

    George is particularly interested in breaking down the barrier between performer and audience, sharing stories and the history of the songs he sings and writes as he takes you on a free-flowing musical journey.

    A former union organiser, George created and produced the “Hail to the Thief!” anti-Bush CD series, which featured such folk legends as Tom Paxton, Utah Phillips and Billy Bragg, and his work with veterans, unions and anti-war groups has kept him on the front lines for more than 20 years.

    In 2010, he produced a compilation CD, “Until You Come Home: Songs for Veterans and their Kin,” that addressed the issue of PTSD and the effects of war on those who fight them. His newest CD is “Portraits” (released this month!) and he will be featuring many of the songs from that album at his concerts.


    Dinner     $10  starting 6-7 PM
    Concert   $10  starting 7-9 PM
    Dinner & Concert $16.50 advance, $19@ door

    Buy in Advance and Save!

    Dinner and Concert Combo $16.50 per guest

    Concert Only $10 per guest


KNSJ at the Earth Fair on Sunday April 19 in Balboa Park

We will be at two locations:

  • The World KNSJ at UN BuildingBeat Center on Park Boulevard


  • Within Balboa Park in the UN Building area on the sidewalk across from the organ pavilion parking lot, Area 6 Space 620



Event organizers suggest using alternative transportation:

    • Ride a bicycle – free guarded bicycle parking will be provided in front of the Museum of Man on the west side of the Park and off Park Blvd. on the east side
      • Ride public transportation
        • A free shuttle bus will be running between Balboa Park and the City College parking lot. The shuttle will run between 10 AM and 6 PM

Please Note:

  • Glass beverage containers are prohibited in City parks
  • Balboa Park (like all city beaches and parks) is a non-smoking environment

Behind the scenes at KNSJ studio on live coverage

Interview Website Live Covarage Jim During the 4 hours of live coverage the KNSJ team faced many problems with its 4th live broadcast. Technical difficulties did not impair the team as they were taking phone calls, reporting live from the field, giving traffic reports and discussing myths about raising San Diego and national`s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The website team collected photos and audios from each one at the studio. Listen to the testimonies of Jim Brewster, Mike Hancock and Marie Johnson.


Interview Website Live Covarage MartinMartin Eder was on the field interviewing workers and organizers about reasons why they were advocating the raising of the minimum wage. Here is what Martin has to say.

I was so impressed by the quality and the in depth interviews we air from the rallies; a Burger King husband and wife struggling on $9 an hour with just two days schedule per week, a rally organizing for 18 years, a pastor leading a social justice congregation, the president of the Labor Council, Richard Barrera, student activist Mark Jones organizing for racial justice and multiple others whose views would be unlikely to get on corporate media. I felt proud of KNSJ`s awesome crew.

Martin Eder,  Interim General Manager of KNSJ

KNSJ invites people to become citizen reports

0415151700 Alex PolvorosaMarie Johnson and Jim Brewster are inviting you the public to join the KNSJ team to help awareness for social justice campaigns such IMG_20150415_172925as Fight for $15. If you are interested click here.

Today, Alex Polvorosa is helping us with social media updates. Here is Alex giving his time and effort to support KNSJ effort to go live in this historical Fight for 15 movement day.

Monica Prado is a volunteer at KNSJ working with news and the website.

0415151702a Bill Driscoll

Bill Driscoll volunteering as sound technician. He works hard to connect Martin`s live reporting at SDSU to our radio station here in City Heights.






It is not too late!

You helped bring KNSJ to life, now help it

survive and THRIVE!

Free Radio

>A year ago today there was doubt in some quarters that Activist San Diego (ASD) would make good on its promise to build a community radio station for YOU!

The 6-year effort, a 500 step project, with $40,000 magnanimously raised from the grassroots progressive community, culminated on July 4th with the birth of Independent, people-powered radio KNSJ 89.1 FM. It was born, the offspring of hope and determination, the marriage of passion for justice and the clarion of communication.

As a proud parent you gave it a name, NSJ, the Network for Social Justice. You want to see it grow out of diapers and assume a prominent position transforming the political landscape of our region. You now want to feed our new voice of independence to help it survive and thrive.

Your stipend, your contribution of even $2-$10 a month will make a HUGE difference in media justice in San Diego, a small price to pay for the single greatest megaphone to be nurtured by the progressive community. Perhaps you want to gift your car or vehicle as if it were graduation day like Jay, Craig and Larry did. Call 619-871-9354 and we will take care of all the details.

HELP! We need $10,000 to buy the tools of Community Radio, portable microphones and high quality recorders for the budding journalists. Perhaps we can inscribe your name on a recorder or apply your name to the studio that we are building in central San Diego.
Who owns KNSJ 89.1 FM? You do! Your membership and donations to KNSJ and ASD (the FM license holder) keep the treasure of community radio in public hands.

WHO SUPPORTS KNSJ? We do not take money from large corporations, no Monsanto or Walmarts need apply — this means “Freedom to Program” critical and controversial content, but it also means your responsibility to support critical projects. Our annual reports are made to you! HELP KNSJ DEVELOP A VISION of Non-commercial, Listener-Supported, non-partisan, Community Radio — by the people, of the people and for the people. We want and need your input as well as your donations. Send us your programming ideas, your grand vision of a radio station that serves as a collective organizer, a tribune of the people, a voice for the disenfranchised. 24 hr / 7 days a week KNSJ was born to be the Paul Revere of East County and the San Diego border region. “NSA is coming! — on the backs of Big Pharma, Big Banks, Media Monopolies, Energy Megalomaniacs, War Profiteers and Corporate Conglomerates.” As our voice develops you will nurture local journalism and storytelling about the successes of informed citizens who get information, get organized and inspired social change.

Not a member/donor yet? Celebrate our first year and our journey of continous improvement — DONATE NOW!

Today, please consider giving a sustaining contribution of $3 to $30 a month to grow Community Radio

We are still 100% volunteer driven, but we want to offer more, more local news, more dynamic programming, more local culture, more compelling stories, more inspiration, more social justice information.

It is easy as clicking the Donate Now button on this page! Your support comes with the continuing satisfaction that you are liberating the airwaves and spreading your values far and wide.

Thank YOU from all of us!

May Day 2013 - Antenna mounted!

KNSJ’s call letters reflect its mission: Networking for Social Justice.

With the transmitter and tower at over 6200 feet in the Laguna Mountains, KNSJ’s signal can be heard from the US-Mexico border to Highway 52, from the East County mountains to the bay and the entire central San Diego. The estimated potential listenership is over 1 million plus streaming live online for our global listeners.
KNSJ has pledged to train scores of “citizen journalists” to report on the untold stories people in San Diego. While the bulk of KNSJ’s programming will be news and education, KNSJ will be a conduit to local artists from all walks of life. Our objective is to have a quarter of our music shows locally produced, and most all of our programs will be provided by volunteer producers.

KNSJ was “Born on the 4th of July,” initiating with a full day of live broadcasting plus audio and video streaming on KNSJ.org. The public was invited to come down to the World Beat Center at 2100 Park Boulevard in Balboa Park to celebrate a new era in our city. From 7-8 AM the broadcast emanated out of Descanso with the voices of local mountain residents. KNSJ will pick up ongoing national programming from Pacifica Radio, the BBC, Thom Hartman and Amy Goodman.

For more information contact:
Martin Eder 619-871-9354 / / KNSJ at 619-283-1100