Who will hear KNSJ 89.1 FM?

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Update: Who will hear KNSJ?

San Diego Community Radio Project
KNSJ 89.1 FM Coverage Projections – Descanso


Figure D-5: Descanso Longley-Rice Plot & Populations

Population report: Field strength above 60.00 db uV/m.

Total Housing Units: 328,449
Multi-racial & Ethnic Diversity Demographics: > 50% peoples of color

Native American3,5500.4%
Pacific Islander4,0450.5%
Mixed Race25,9213.0%

Figure D-6: Descano Longley-Rice Plot & Populations

Total PopulationQuality Level
Total population above 60 dBu: 89,862Prime – Heard on any radio easily
Total population above 54 dBu: 782,902Good – Heard on many radios easily
Total population above 50 dBu: 901,531Passable Signal – listenable on many radios, best in cars
Total population above 47 dBu: 1,054,064Fair – Home hifi with antenna or a car radio
Total population above 40 dBu: 1,457,088Weak – Car radio with digital tuner

Map from June of 2012

KNSJ Service Outline Map

The 60db circle is a very strong signal that is heard by anyone and everyone.

The 40db circle is heard in cars and good home radios, perhaps with antenna
or where there is good “line of sight” from our tower at 6300 feet to your home.

“The signal to noise ratio (SNR)… of 30 or 40 dB is considered an excellent quality signal” (source http://www.hfunderpants.com/?p=46) …  “The signal to noise ratio (SNR) is defined as the ratio between the signal and noise levels, and is usually expressed in decibels (dB). 0 dB means the ratio is 1, the signal and noise power levels are the same.  A 10 dB SNR means the signal power is 10 times the noise power, 20 dB means the signal is 100 times (it is a log based scale)”