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Philip RacuelA new voice is coming to San Diego

These days the word “propaganda” is used a lot in our country.

Wikipedia defines it as such: “Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes.”

In the fall of 2007 Clear Channel, one the few mega companies that have cornered the market on radio stations, decided to tell progressives in San Diego that am1360 “was losing money” and that they were changing it to a Sports Talk format.

This was just as the 2008 presidential election was starting to get underway.

Like most “progressive” radio stations it operated with a low power transmitter (as opposed to conservative talk sister station KOGO, whose signal can be heard as far as Los Angeles in some cases) so it didn’t reach as many potential patrons for the advertisers. But it still had an affect while on the air. Suddenly there were alternate voices to counter the likes of Rush Limbaugh or Roger Hedgecock.

The station had just as many spot breaks (commercials) as KOGO so the claim that it was not making money seemed odd to me.

I have spent a good part of my life working in radio…mostly music radio in the 80’s and 90’s plus doing my own streaming progressive talk show a few years ago and was fully involved with KLSD.

I was not a paid employee but I did contribute many field reports on the weekend local shows. Despite the fact that I had experience the program director constantly blew me off because he was also the program director of KOGO- a conservative Christian who probably didn’t want a liberal gay person on the air.

Anyhow, after KLSD became the third sports talk station, on the am dial in our market, San Diego radio listeners were left with one political point of view.

At least three conservative talk stations. multiple sports talk stations, Spanish station out of Mexico that were clearly conservative christian…broadcasting homophobia and many of the social issues that were also condemned on the conservative talk stations…oh and Radio Disney were all that San Diegans had on terrestrial radio.

The voices of progressives, Democrats, Greens and others concerned with truth and social justice were eliminated from our airwaves.

At that point San Diego was officially being fed, on the public radio airwaves, propaganda.

Again the Wikipedia definition:

Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes.

In 2010 we saw the result of radio and TV propaganda as the county and the country defied logic and gave the control of the US House of Representatives back to the party that created most, if not all of the economic mess we find ourselves in today.

Could people in this county and in this country be that stupid?

Some will say yes, but I prefer to call it brain washed.

And that is exactly what propaganda is designed to do.

President Bush gave a talk at the Athena Performing Arts Center at Greece Athena Middle and High School on Tuesday, May 24, 2005 in Rochester, NY. Bush traveled to Rochester, trying to win support for his proposed overhaul of the Social Security system. About half way through the event Bush came out with this:

“See in my line of work you got to keep repeating things…” (we now know things meant lies or misinformation) “…over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”

From fall 2007 to the present (August 2012) San Diegans have been catapulted with right wing and christian conservative propaganda.

But now things are changing.

The creation of a new radio station here in San Diego — KNSJ which will soon be streaming and will be at 89.1 on the FM dial — is a long awaited and needed medium in the San Diego area.

Not beholden to a corporate power or a rigid talking points political agenda it will be radio the way it should be in a democracy.

From talk about the day’s spins on the upcoming, local, state and federal elections to a host of other social justice issues KNSJ will provide San Diegans an alternative to what they have been forced to hear on mainstream radio on the AM dial.

In a democracy the electorate is well informed, with facts and information that helps them make an educated decisions at the polls and in their lives.

In a fascism the press is controlled and propaganda is one of the keys to it’s sucess.

If you are like me and believe in democracy you will welcome this alternative to right wing spin in San Diego.

If you are like me and believe in fighting for social justice and equality so all can enjoy living free without duress and prejudice because it is the next right thing to do then KNSJ will be the radio station for you.

But in order to keep my eventual program and many of the others on the air, so we truly bring democracy and fairness back to the San Diego airwaves KNSJ needs listener support. I will be doing my part as well — going out to find an underwriter to financially sponsor my shows.

This station is not financed by a super PAC group or owned by conglomerates like Clear Channel and is dependent on listener contributions.

From $5 to $1000 or more every little bit will help keep the station on the air and the people of San Diego better informed, instead of brainwashed by propaganda. Propaganda that most times leads good people into voting against their best interest.

Your financial support will make an alternative point of view on a host of political and social issues available to San Diego listeners so that, in time, hearts and minds will be changed and people will start using the power of their vote to elect people that actually work in the best interests of all citizens, not just the fringe groups that support them.

Propaganda and blatant lies on the airwaves is dangerous and should be illegal in a so-called democracy. Propaganda- especially if it is used to spark hate, bigotry ort inequality can have horrific results in the end.

History proves that — just look at any fascist regime in history.

Propaganda has indeed reared it’s ugly head here in San Diego and now you and I have the chance to take down the beast of misinformation and lies- not to mention bigotry, hatred and the stripping of rights — by supporting KNSJ and bringing the power back to the people to chose, rather than be spoon fed, what those in powerful places, who wish to control minds, want people to believe for their benefit — not the good of the whole.

Please consider making your donation today to help KNSJ stay on the air and providing the fairness in media this county has lacked since 2007.


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  • Philip I love what you are doing and I would love to collaborate with you please contact me

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