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Climate Action Campaign Urges CPUC to Protect Freedom of Clean Energy Choice for Families

Public Utilities Commission poised to vote on first-of-its kind proposal to allow unlimited marketing against Community Choice Energy

SAN DIEGO, July 6, 2016— In a comment letter submitted yesterday to the California Public Utilities Commission, Climate Action Campaign urged the Commission to protect the freedom of choice for families, businesses, and cities who want local clean energy options to save money, clean the air, and create a brighter, healthier future.

The letter urges the Commission to amend a draft decision approving SDG&E’s plan to spend unlimited shareholder dollars against Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), a program several cities in the region— including San Diego, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Del Mar, and other north county cities—are exploring to provide better clean energy choices to families at competitive rates, as well as help meet Climate Action Plan goals.

To remedy the deficiencies in the proposal from SDG&E— which is the first utility to officially fight local cities’ efforts— Climate Action Campaign is calling on the Commission to amend the plan to:

  • Hold Sempra Energy— SDG&E’s parent company— and its consultants accountable to the same standard of conduct as SDG&E because the the community and elected officials view them functionally as the same company and they share same company interests in maintaining their monopoly status.
  • Prohibit SDG&E from sharing lobbying and marketing services with the new Marketing Division and prohibit Sempra and SDG&E employees with lobbying and marketing responsibilities or with access to competitively sensitive information from joining the new Marketing Division.
  • Enhance reporting, transparency, and enforceability by requiring public, quarterly compliance reporting and clarifying that the expedited complaint procedure is available for CCA Code of Conduct violations.

Without these protections, the new Marketing Division could unfairly stifle the voices of cities, families, and businesses interested in exploring community choice. In 2015, SDG&E and Sempra spent over $100,000 lobbying the City of San Diego to alter the City’s 100% clean energy climate plan and pass electricity rates harmful to solar customers.

The letter from Climate Action Campaign elaborates on similar concerns expressed by several cities, elected officials, businesses, and environmental organizations in letters to the Commission submitted in late 2015.

The Commission is poised to vote on SDG&E’s proposal as soon as its July 14 meeting.


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