KNSJ EVENT REMINDER: Democracy Now!’s 2016 U.S. presidential debate coverage 10/19

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Democracy Now!’s “Expanding the Debate” 2016 U.S. presidential debate
coverage continues with special coverage of the October 19th
presidential debate.

On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, Democracy Now! will broadcast live
for 3.5 hours from 20:00 – 23:29 ET, including live feed from the U.S.
presidential debate in Last Vegas, NV.

On Thursday, October 20, 2016, Democracy Now! will produce a special
extra hour, expanding the debate to include candidates that were
excluded from the debates. We will produce our normal live news hour
from from 08:00 – 08:59 ET and then complement that with a second hour
that will air live from 09:00 -9:59 ET. There will be a one-minute music
break between the hours from 08:59-09:00 to allow you to run this as a
single two hour special, or either hour can be aired as its own
standalone broadcast.

The October 19, 2016 broadcast will be presented as a single 3.5 hour block.

The October 20, 2016 broadcast will be presented as a two-hour program
with a one-minute music interlude from 8:59-9:00 so that you can run it
uninterrupted. Alternatively, you can broadcast it as two standalone
hours. Both hours will include news headlines and an outro. The rundown
for the live two-hour program is as follows:

8:00–8:59am ET Hour 1
1–2 seconds of silence
8:59–9:00am ET Music Bed
1–2 seconds of silence

9:00–9:59am ET Hour 2
1–2 seconds of silence
9:59–10:00am ET Music Bed

Within the program there will be one minute music breaks at
approximately :20 and :40 past each hour.


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