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SAN DIEGO – City Attorney candidate Mara Elliott today called on her opponent to stop hiding his views on important issues, noting that he is “pleading ignorance” about two of the most important decisions on the November ballot.

Elliott’s call for transparency followed publication of an interview of Republican opponent Bob Hickey by the editorial board of the San Diego Union-Tribune.  Throughout the interview, Hickey ducked and weaved on direct questions, most notably when asked about ballot measures to build a Chargers stadium downtown:

“What’s your take on the [Downtown Stadium and Cory Briggs] propositions?” Hickey was asked.

“I don’t know,” Hickey answered.

Minutes later, after Hickey defended his silence (“You know, I have ideas.”) Hickey said he also had no position on whether the measures could be implemented if they received 51 percent of the vote.

“I don’t have a position,” Hickey said.

“How can you not?” came the incredulous response from the editorial board. “That’s one of the biggest questions perhaps in the city’s history.”

Hickey refuses to say more and after a while, the editorial board stopped asking.

Full Transcript: Union-Tribune Interview

Mara Elliott is opposed to Measures C and D because they would divert General Fund dollars from essential neighborhood services, such as parks, libraries, police, fire and lifeguards.

Hickey, meanwhile, is backed by the very special interests in line to benefit from the more than $1 billion in tax funds the measures would generate, including the downtown stadium’s primary booster, the downtown Chamber of Commerce and mega-developer JMI Realty, the financial sponsor of Measure D.

“When Republican Bob Hickey speaks in public, he talks longer without saying anything than any lawyer I’ve ever met,” Elliott said. “Voters deserve answers and it’s time for Republican Bob Hickey to come clean.”

Mara Elliott is the Democratic nominee for San Diego City Attorney. Mara is also endorsed by the Deputy City Attorneys Association, US Senator Barbara Boxer and the San Diego City Firefighters. To learn more about Mara Elliott’s campaign for City Attorney, visit www.maraelliott.com or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Mara Elliott serves as Chief Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Diego.  The first in her family to graduate college, Mara Elliott worked her way through UCSB and McGeorge School of Law. She advises the independent Audit Committee and the City Council’s Committee on the Environment.  With nearly two decades of public service legal experience, Mara served as general counsel to community college and K-12 school districts as well as counsel to the County of San Diego and the San Diego Metropolitan Transit Development Board.  She lives in Scripps Ranch with her husband and two sons.

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