NEWS / VIDEO / EVENT: Brazil Mother Arrives Today to thank San Diego based company that helped keep their daughter alive

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Dallas mom Penny Howard legalized Brazil for hemp CBD from her Facebook page, the 9th-largest economy in the world. It is an amazing, heart-wrenching story of mothers helping mothers change the world: (“Ilegal” documentary link).


And now, Katiele Fischer, the Brazilian mom from the video above who stood up to her government to save her daughter Anny, is traveling back to San Diego, CA to say thank you.

This heart-wrenching story of two mothers with daughters stricken by CDKL5 epilepsy has changed global medical marijuana policy, as the two moms connected via Facebook and fought for their kids to tear down a global stigma. Following their example, UruguayMexico, and Paraguay have all legalized for cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp.

Even more, thanks to Katiele’s bravery, hemp CBD is now:

– Subsidized by the Brazilian federal government healthcare system

– Imported for multiple medical indications, including cancer pain, Parkinson’s and chronic pain

– Is made here in the U.S. — but what is the U.S. doing?

In a story you couldn’t make up, it all started with Dallas mom Penny Facebook blogging the story of her CDKL5 daughter Harper on her nonprofit Hope 4 Harper’s page.

Across the world Katiele found Penny‘s Facebook, had hemp CBD shipped to her, and sued her federal government when they tried to stop her. A court ruled it would be “inhumane” to keep CBD from her daughter Anny.

It was a historic, global precedent by CDKL5 moms that set off a “Latin America domino effect” that is sure to change the U.S. — and the entire world.

The family will be landing in San Diego for their visit on Saturday, Oct. 8, andvisiting the US company’s downtown San Diego building Monday, Oct. 10.

While we tragically lost Harper in January, the little Dallas girl whose Facebook page Katiele Fischer found that made her import RSHO, Anny Fischer who also has CDKL5 is doing beyond amazing, and is now apparently 5-feet-tall, almost taller than her mother and doing amazing!