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headlines include:

  • Trump Picks Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon as Chief Strategist
  • Trump Pledge to Deport Up to 3 Million People
  • Popular vote; Coast to Coast, Anti-Trump Protests Declare: “Not My President”
  • Support of Rep. Keith Ellison to Head of Democratic National Committee
  • 200+ Cases of Harassment & Abuse of People of Color Since Trump Election
  • Afghanistan: 2 U.S. Soldiers & 2 U.S. Contractors Killed at Bagram Air Base
  • John Kerry Arrives in Oman for Talks to End Conflict in Yemen
  • Ohio: Mistrial Declared for White Officer Ray Tensing, Who Killed Sam DuBose
  • ND: Pipeline Protests, Armed Man Drives Truck Through Dakota Access Pipeline Protest; DAP Protests Planned for Nov. 15 in 100+ Cities Worldwide