PRESS CONF: NOON at Horton Plaza on Broadway to announce the Peaceful 5 – 8 PM Rally

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Activist San Diego was among the initiators of the downtown demonstration when George W. Bush lost the popular vote, rigged the system and was installed as president. The shock and anger raged against the theft of democracy and the elections process.

TODAY we are facing a similar sense as a Trump presidency becomes a real possibility. The “New Confederacy” has mobilized the white reactionary voters who do not understand the role of corporate corruption. We need broad left-progressive local coalitions to emerge to stop the right wing attacks. The revolting thought of a misogamist bigot taking control of the White House and the US military and the Mexican Border and a 1%er leading the economy for corporate elite AND a racialized message attacking immigrants, Muslims and peoples of color — we need to register our outrage. We can not sit still.

PRESS CONF. NOON at Horton Plaza on Broadway to announce the Peaceful Rally AT 5 – 8 PM at Horton Plaza

Moral indignation is what we feel! Billionaire President Donald Trump? WTF! We will not take sit back as our democracy is destroyed, women abused, immigrants scapegoated, pipelines and coal pollute and racism emboldened, Join us, “like us”, forward, spread the word. for more information 619-871-9354
Martin Eder