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Leonard Peltier’s last chance for clemency? (Photo: Jeffry Scott)
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Monday, January 2 2017 – 2016 in review

The Dakota Access Pipeline, sacred places, and cultural appropriation. Those are three of the important topics we explored this past year on Native America Calling. But we also talked about traditional weddings, fishing, the Academy Awards, a notable high school lacrosse team, and a particularly outspoken comedian. We take our traditional look back at some of our favorite shows of the past year.
President Obama continues to grant commutations and pardons to convicted low level drug offenders and others before he leaves office. Last-minute pardons are common for presidents in recent years. Will President Obama grant Leonard Peltier clemency? Many activists and organizations, including Amnesty International, are calling for his release. All of Peltier’s options in court are exhausted, and clemency is his only option. But law enforcement advocates and others maintain Peltier is guilty and should stay in prison.
Paulette Steeves (Cree/Metis) was a ward of the Canadian government when she was a young girl. She once ran away from a detention facility, scaling a barbed wire fence. Years later, after being a single parent of three and losing a child, she earned her PhD in anthropology and successfully argued that Indigenous people have been in the Americas longer than others thought. We’ll speak with her about her remarkable story. We’ll also learn more about the difficulties of decolonizing anthropology and academia.
As we settle into the new year, many of us are also settling into new workout routines. Exercise improves our mood and sleep patterns according to the Mayo Clinic. It also reduces our risk for heart disease, diabetes and many other maladies. If exercise is so good for us, why is it so hard? Why do we make exercise resolutions every January and then give up by April? And how many of us think we need the right piece of equipment or the right gym environment before we even start? What’s the solution for more exercise in 2017 and beyond?
There are a lot of people who turned a small idea into a successful business. We’ll highlight a few entrepreneurial Native Americans and find out what they did to make it from the bottom to the top. Do you operate your own business? Tell us about what it takes to make your business a successful one.

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