City Council Approves Safe Storage Ordinance

Local News

On July 15th, the San Diego City Council approved an ordinance regulating the residential storage of firearms in the city.   The ordinance will require that all firearms be stored in a locked container, or disabled by a trigger lock, unless they are under the immediate control of the owner.

The ordinance was drafted by City Attorney Mara Elliot who, in her staff report, stated that the rule is “a common sense approach” to preventing firearm casualties.  She also stated that the law would reduce incidents of accidential shooting (including involving chidren), suicides, theft, and fatal domestic violence incidents.

Opponents of the law argued that State law already adequately covers safe storage, and that the law would unnecessarily burden lawful gun owners.

Elliot has established a track record of prioritizing the prevention of gun violence.  She is a leader in the use of gun violence restraining orders, which restrict firearms access by people who pose a risk to themselves or others.

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