Where Are the Republicans? Trump’s Racism

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Tim Taylor
July 18, 2019

The fact that support for Donald Trump rose among Republicans (see Rueuters/Ipso poll) after his most recent racist comments speaks volumes about the Republican Party today.  Say what you want about Trump, but he clearly has his finger on the pulse of Republican thought.  He ran a campaign against so-called “political correctness,” masterfully tapping into the white resentment that previous Republican politicians were too afraid to acknowledge.  And, since then he continues to stir up racial animus for his own political purposes.  He knows exactly what he’s doing.  He doesn’t even bother with dog whistles anymore.

There are precious few Republicans willing to do the right thing on this issue.  Instead nearly all are willing to let Trump drag the country and their party farther into the racial divide.  Most Republicans are willing to give racism at least tacit approval either if not full-throated approval.  You would think they would care about the future of their party, even if they don’t care about the future of the county.

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