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On August 2nd, Corey Briggs discussed on KNSJ’s East County Magazine Show the reasons he is running for City Attorney. Mr. Briggs is a public affairs lawyer who is widely known for litigating against the city on behalf of taxpayers, environmentalists and open government advocates.  He told host Miriam Raftery “I see the consequences of not having good professional legal advice given to the city.  And I’ve been watching it administration after administration. The city faces big issues.  But if you read the news, you see that frequently the city ends up in court, and often on the losing end of cases.”  Briggs says this costs the taxpayers a lot of money, and it affects the city’s progress.

Mr. Briggs added “It’s time for the mayor and the city council to have an attorney giving the sound legal advice without the lawyers’ political agenda being what drives the advice,”

Briggs said he will not accept any money from lobbyists.  He went on to criticize his opponent, current City Attorney Mara Elliot, for a lack of commitment to the California Public Records Act.

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