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I hear people wonder how it is that Republicans can stay in lock step with Trump no matter what crimes he commits, no matter what bile and lies come out of his mouth, no matter his corruption.  The answer is simple, but yet so hard for many of us to grasp.   He is who they thought he was.  You won’t hear Trump voters say they are surprised by what he says or does.  They knew what they were getting electing him.  He is simply the same guy they voted for.

Trump voters heard him say Mexicans immigrants were rapists, drug smugglers, and criminals.  They heard him ask for Russia’s help.  They knew he is a money launderer, a tax cheat, and a swindler.  They knew he is a serial liar and verbally abusive.  They knew he sexually assaulted women and bragged about it.  They knew he has a man crush on Putin, for reasons still unknown.  None of any of that bothered them much.

Okay, even Trump’s critics have been surprised by his total disregard for our national security and his rank incompetence.  And, even Trump supporters did not believe he would actually replace Obamacare with something better and cheaper.  Or, that Mexico would pay for his wall.  Or, that he would bring back the coal industry.  Or, that he knows more about everything than anyone else.

Trump supporters voted to have a vile, unethical, undemocratic person to lead the United States.  So why should they find fault now?  Why should they care that he continues to try to cheat at elections, that he is enriching himself and his cronies, or that he espouses racist views?   He is who they thought he was.  So, if they have to contort themselves like pretzels in weak attempts to defend him, if they have to embarrass themselves with their association with him, those calculations have already been made.  And, they are not bothered one bit.

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