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By Tim Taylor, Feb. 23, 2020

Following the Nevada Caucuses, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is now leading in delegate count and in national polling.  At this point Sanders is the clear front-runner for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

The Nevada State Republican party canceled its caucuses on _, and voted by acclimation on Saturday to give Trump all of the delegates.

In a CBS/YouGov poll conducted February 20-23 Sanders is favored by 28% of registered voters to 19% by Senator Elizabeth Warren, 17% by former Vice President Sanders, and 13% by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  The RCP Average of polls of potential Democratic votes shows Sanders ahead by 29.3% former Vice President Joe Biden with 17.2%, Bloomberg with 15.3% and Warren with 13.2%.  The RCP tabulates polls conducted since February 13th by CBS News, ABC/Washington Post, Emerson College, NBC/Wall Street Journal, Survey USA, and NPR/PBS.

Sanders leads in delegate count with 31 to 22 for former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, 8 for Warren, 7 for Senator Amy Klobuchar, and 6 for Biden.

The race shoud become clearer following the South Carolina primary on February 29th, and Super Tuesday (March 3rd) with 16 primaries/caucuses headed by California, Texas,  and Colorado.  Super Tuesday could result in the  awarding of 1,617 total delegates, or more than 1/3 of the total delegates.

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