If Today was Christmas by Susan Taylor 03-19-20

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If today was Christmas,

We would at least have seen our neighbors.

setting out the plastic snowmen,

and hanging the lights.

On Christmas eve, we would go to bed with the children,

and wake up knowing there would, indeed, be something waiting for us in the morning.

In the morn, we would notice that Santa had eaten the cookies and milk,

and we would carry his dishes to the sink and wash them with soapy water,

the temperature at least 100 degrees.

But it is the first day of spring,

and the cherry trees are blooming at the Japanese tea garden.

Before this week, we

took the dog to Fiesta Island, perfect for social distancing, human and canine.

She loved it and did her happy dance.


My dog and my tree frog are either annoyed or clueless.

Rolf, the croaker, still sits in the corner of his terrarium.

I feed him live crickets.

For my tree frog, things are business as usual.

Baby, the bestest dog in the world,

is annoyed because her human parents are hanging around the house all day,

invading per personal space and domain. + Add New Category

I think that she may be worried that I will have to resort to grooming her myself.

Hoping I spend enough time on YouTube learning how,

and definitely not attempting to express her anal glands.

She seems willing to watch T.V., the good and the bad.

Baby is super smart, but the daily updates don’t much change her world.


Staying home together, my husband and I

are doing couples’ yoga and watching movies together.

Happy hour has become a dining room event.

We talk a lot, really a lot.

But when we need to,

we move to different parts of the house

just to be alone with our thoughts.

Such intimacy, we discussed today,

most likely will result in a baby boom.

Call it the quarantine generation, to later be recounted to the infants who were conceived in 2020.


My husband calls friends and family, and I do the same.

I go through my closet to select cheery looking colors and soft fabrics.

I point out the golden flowers on the succulent on the patio,

reminded that I should get the tomato plants and snapdragons in the ground.


Tomorrow I will listen to Morning Edition

and the 2 p.m. voices of Dr. Wilma Wooten and Nathan Fletcher.

Gratefully, the Ellen DeGeneres show comes on afterward.

This afternoon a 29-year-old firefighter and his wife

talked about the man’s fight to survive A.L.S.

He speaks haltingly and knows that he may soon be paralyzed.

His wife, Amanda, explained how terrified she had been

to do a TED talk about how the disease has changed their lives.

She met with Congress pleading for an expeditious search for a cure.

There are so many people waiting for some good news.


Before I end,

I want to recommend seeing “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

Mr. Fred Rogers’ compassion will help you to breathe easier and sleep better tonight.

Keep safe. Keep well. Pray more than usual for the world.

Keep the faith, whatever higher power you believe in.

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  • I have a passion for traditional Hawaiian music, have a descent amount of LPs, CDs and cassettes. This might appeal to the San Diego islander community. Please keep in mind for something. I ejoy Tahitain and Samoan music as well, but do not have much. xDave Lubin.

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