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Mondays and Fridays from 7pm to 8pm.

Notes From the Underground is a radio show about awareness, activism, and acceptance. Each show seeks to educate listeners on topics beyond the latest headline news. From Love and relationships, understanding others or destruction and social challenges , we are ready your opinion and voices that matter here on Notes from the Underground.


Wally Wang– Books for Dummies Author including Microsoft for Dummies, Office for Dummies series. Previous on ESPN 800, 103.7free FM, 107.9 and currently 89.1 fm on two shows.

Dane Sweet Tooth – Helix High School Alumni. Producer of , Producer, Host for NFU Media’s Notes from the Underground, Diehard Sports San Diego and KNSjam Session working with Local Music artist like P.O.D. featured on our show. Past stations include ESPN 800, 103.7 Free FM , 107.9 The Mountain and current with 89.1fm.

 “Queen” Elizabeth Lee hosts a segment called “Echo Ludo”-her own spin on life where what we put out into the universe returns to us in kind.  She brings personal life lessons, unending questions and intriguing inquiries to the group for open, frank discussion.

Michael McClure (The Bathroom Whisperer) – in the day the hardworking father is spending time with family and friends. At night the conversations start in some of the most intimate locations on earth, The Nite Life Bathroom. Stories to be told only here on NFU.

Cassandra McCarthy– When she is not entertaining the guests at the best Beach Bar in California, she has her ear to the ground in the Club industry helping to discuss the latest pick-up lines, does and don’ts in relationships and how to take care of you.

“Notes From the Underground” seeks to engage and enrage listeners to jolt them out of the rut of monotony and mediocrity so they can live fuller, richer, and more fulfilling lives. You might not agree with everything Elizabeth, Wally, or Dane might say, but you can’t ignore their advice and point of view either.

After listening to “Notes From the Underground,” you may never see the world the same way as before.

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